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Within a few short years Southern California native rapper Dubb (Determined - Unique – Beyond – Belief) has
created a unique brand with his dedication and exquisitely unique
style. As of 2012, Dubb has released over a dozen mix-tapes (with an
average of over 100,000 downloads individually) generating the
nickname California’s ” Mixtape King”. His lyrical abilities and
versatility has consequently created him as having the reputation of
being the best rapper to step out of South Central Los Angeles. His
name has subsequently spread from the American West Coast to other
music markets as well with his music being widely received in
international markets such as; UK, Germany and Canada. Dubb’s
un-surpassing talent and undeniable charismatic persona has caught the
eye of several labels. He has been featured on over 100 mixtapes and has worked along side artists such as, The Game, Kendrick LamarTyga, and Cali Swag District. His newest release; “The Departure”aquired over 150,000 + downloads in one month and has been called one
of 2011′s best indie


Download His Latest Mixtape “The Departure” and The Rest Of His Work For Yourself And Let Me Know What You Think..

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